Little Minds

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"Little Minds Pro" is a game that let's the kids match letters, number and pictures. The app pronounce the letters and numbers as they display on screen so the kids can get an idea about correct pronunciation. The app also comes with a number of animations and sounds so the kids simply love it. They will learn the alphabet, numbers and pronunciation even without knowing it! Another important feature of this game is that it shows all the mistakes done after the game play. It helps the parents identify what areas they should encourage the children to pay more attention to. Children can play the same game again and again as many times as they want. You can improve their knowledge by adding a few levels each month making it more challenging. You will be able to see their improvement in no time! Buy the "Little Minds Pro" to see it for yourself!! Main features, 1. iPhone 5 supported 2. Ability to play the same game again and again 3. Progress report for parents 4. Share via FaceBook and Twitter

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Are you looking for a game that is fun and educational for your kids? If the answer
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All parents want the education process of their little children to be interesting,
rather than boring. It should suit your budget too.