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What is MP3 Grabber?
Wow! Now you can listen to any song you like online without even having to download. Whats more! you can create a playlist from your search. Music grabber brings you a music explorer, a downloader, a playlist creator and a high quality music player in a single solution.please click on read more link.

Product Information

What if you can grab a song you just heard walking down the road Just like That! What anyone would do is to go to a computer and search the song and download it which we all know is time consuming. You just wait wait and wait some more, ( Oh well, you can sit and pass the time by watching that old guy pick through the garbage across the street. You sigh and think, ‘this sucks!’)

Cheer up, music lover. Now you can download/listen to those tunes easy as pie and twice as fast. All you need is Download mp3 grabber on your iDevice.

This amazing application isn’t just for listening to music. It has a fully integrated music down-loader and a playlist creator.All this by just tapping an icon. How’s that for sleek simplicity?

You can search songs by just typing on the simple text box. When you tap you will see will get a search results.
Every song listed in the search results has three options.

1) Download
2) Listen
3) add to playlist

You can start downloading single or Multiple files. This app can handle it! You can even track the progress of your download. Change your mind? No problem, touch the ‘Stop’ button. Yup, it’s as easy as that.


Wow you can add, delete song from the playlist. It means application can manage playlist. YOu don’t need to download first for add play list.. so….
You can add to play list without download and you can listen song without download..
The Play list in MP3 Grabber is one of a kind! You can add/delete songs without even downloading them first. Once you add the songs to the playlist just start listening right-away! no downloading! no delays !

Check out some of the features

◙Fast and easy to use
◙Mp3 Search service available
◙You can use this app as download manager
◙Play single song or playlist
◙you can add, delete song on the playlist
◙you don’t need to download to add playlist
◙multi song downloading.
◙Live download progress and speed indicator.
◙Multitasking with iOS 4.0 or later (only for downloaded songs/ playlist)
◙OneTouch download start.
◙Resume downloads when app start.

So what are u waiting for.? Grab the mp3 grabber right now! and start having a more involved, interesting life!

Enjoy !